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We provide a service to help customers make the right decision when acquiring a vehicle.

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We offer a consultancy service for customers who wish to purchase a new vehicle. We realised a number of our customers were facing difficulties with recently purchased vehicles whereas some purchased cars from showrooms which came with issues. This is why we are launching the consultancy service where we will accompany customers to view potential new vehicles. Our technicians will carry out a service and a MOT history check on the vehicle, diagnostic test to check for any faults and they will also check the undercarriage as well as a physical inspection of the vehicle.

Once that is completed the technician will also take the vehicle for a test drive and this will then be followed up with their feedback to the customer. If the customer wishes to purchase the vehicle, our technician will negotiate a better price based on the findings. Most customers are not aware that even when you are purchasing a car from main dealership or a showroom, you have the right to have an independent technician carry out an inspection on the vehicle.

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